Warlock Green fire Hall of Fame

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I can get behind shameless self promotion and ego inflation.

I've had mine since two days after patch release.
< has it too
I got mine tonight - it was easily one of the most difficult, and rewarding things I've ever done in this game - kudos Blizzard n_n
Got it over a month ago with a 486 ilvl . All pvp gear. Wooot
And here is my second lock, got this green fire with ilvl 477 pvp gear , wooot!!!!

(Btw Bhaalspawn is my main )
Keep it comin all :)
05/13/2013 07:47 PMPosted by Suzyq

I find it highly amusing that Mehrunes was added to the list because of this post.

Nah, I added Mehrunes cause I've seen him post several times in other green fire threads when people moan about how hard it is... just name recollection :)
Got mine second week of tot... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Umezn9sD2cY
*adjusts monocle*
Why arent I on the list?
I got mine!!!!!!!!
Got it at a 487 ilvl.
The ego is strong with this one.
<----This guy!

30 hours of farming the first 3 days of the patch for the tome, and then 30+ attempts and got it a few days later.

I'm Green With Evil
This list can get very very very long... Also <<<
Got mine a few weeks ago and am currently building a transmog set around it. :D
I got it in the second week of its release (patch 5.2). Yay me!

I am also creating a Cult of the Black Harvest on my server for locks that achieved this feat.
Got it months ago.
<--Got Mine! Now I wish they would let my Voidlord be green like the fel flame pet, or any of our pets have a green recolor.

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