Warlock Green fire Hall of Fame

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I just got mine last night!! Screamed like a girl! If you check my gear i have crappy pvp gear on now but I had 480 pve gear on at the time of downing the boss.
<<<this guy, got it 3rd week, as a CLICKER!
<--this guy loves green

*dont copy my mog you terds
Long time ago but I got my green fire. Only took 6+ years to get but MORE then worth it!
3 weeks after 5.2 :).
<-- this guy.. probably around a week after it was released.. 490ish ilvl.
<--- Right here
Me :3
<---this guy
<--did it twice

Getting this fight down made me a better warlock.
Oh hey. A list. Should totally add me.
<-------------------------------------- My fire is green! Took around 50-60 tries. Best feeling ever when I finnally killed him. Also bought one of my guildies the tome to see how hard it is for him to do it =P /salute to all of you who have also beating Kanrethad Ebonlocke.
I've been having this green fire for months now.
I also have fel fire, got it a few days ago.
got it as an afflic

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