Warlock Green fire Hall of Fame

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Right here, Dalaran represent
Add me! Mal'Ganis
Got mine a couple of weeks ago.
Green fire from the backwater realm of Blackwing Lair. Not sure, but I might be the only lock on that server with it.
pick me pick me for the list
reporting in
Woo, me! Green Fire!
Jubei'Thos representing!
Been about 3 weeks now? I can't recall it's a blur...
Add me for Azgalor!
Something tells me I should have made more reserved spots lol
Green and proud! (And I'm not talking about my skin color. =P)
Me, got it week 2 of the patch.
Me too! Got it in the first 2 or 3 weeks of the patch.

<---Got mine exactly a week after Easter.
... *ahem*... /pours gas....

"I hereby BURN down your puny Green hall of shame, with my orange flames...


/dusts self off... /afk.
Right here. Got it done in PvP gear as well. Was so happy!
Just got my green fire a couple hours ago!! Now i can move on with my life haha.

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