Monk or Mage?

My friend decided to pick the game up again and is a priest, I have a 90 monk and a 90 mage, but I'm not sure which one would fit best. Any thoughts??

lol is there even any thought in this choice thought it would be painfully obvious?
monks are fun, but a priest will work best with a mage.
ww/priest 2s and frost/disc 2s are extremely good comps that you can play with your friend but overall I think mages will be better
Mages do too much damage have many roots and turn me into a shep nerf pls blozzard
I highly recommend monk over mage, based on the fact that monks are the most fun class to play in the game right now imo, they have a pretty high skill cap and a really unique playstyle, also monks (assuming you are Windwalker) have very good synergy with priests, both disc and shadow.
MW is flagrantly OP in 2s if you do that with any regularity

Both Monk specs are pretty good in 3s but rather comp dependent.

Mages are just always good at everything. Once you hit the basic skill floor you become a demigod.

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