need advice on cselecting new class to pvp :)

hey guys before i start this isnt a fotm thing or anything, i'm not even good at pvp i play the game because i enjoy it and pvp is what i enjoy but i have seem to run into a wall, i'm a bit bored of my 3 classes that i have at 90 and looking for something new to play! i have a hunter, mage and rogue :) i was hoping people that have payed these classes could tell me what other classes they have found fun to play or what not :)
thanks guys :) im also thinking of starting to give pve a go so classes that you have found fun and interesting to play there also :)
oh also if it helps i have leveled up a shammy, warr and lock to 85 and enjoyed them all, so maybe it be easier to choose out of those 3
thanks again :)

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