Dk Tank,Disc Priest LF raid group 518,513ilvl

whats up guys, just like the title says we are looking for a raid group because ours fell apart. If we find one that suits us we will transfer and go horde as well.Our current progression is 6/12 and raid times vary.If you are interested in us then please feel free to reply or add me to real ID. Cybernetico#1905
We have an immediate spot for a plate tank for our ToT 10 group. 12/12 Normal and looking to start heroics Tuesday (would've been this Tuesday, but we are a tank short). We run Tues/Thurs/Mon 9pm-12am EST

As far as the disc priest, we don't really have a fit atm, though subbing/farm content could certainly be an option. If he were interested in going dps, we could work that in. If you'd like to talk, feel free to add me Strukk#1391. Good luck with your search!

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