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Bug Report
I have noticed today that in some (but not all) fights where I use 2 battle pets, only the one which is in play at the end gets any XP.

For example, Kara daily fight: 19 Anubisath Idol, 23 Grassland Hopper. Put the Idol in first and killed the first guy + most of the second. Switched to the Hopper to finish the battle, and only the Hopper got any XP.

Then I did several fights up near Wyrmrest temple on an alt — for the most part both pets got XP, but on the last battle I did, again only the Grassland Hopper got any, even though the Anubisath Idol (now level 20) did about half the work.
Did you review the battle pet log?
If the swapped pet died due to dots, it will not receive XP.
The length of time the pet is in the battle does not matter. As long as it attacks for one round before being swapped out, and survives to the end, it will receive experience.

You could help the report with more detail (and proper name of the tamer).
The levels of all the pets and even the experience that the one pet received would help.

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