Execution Sentence and Fabled Feather Trinket

So if I were to spec Execution Sentence and use the Fabled Feather of Ji-kun trinket, would it be a noticeable damage done increase to save ES for Fable Feather to get to its 10th stack? Assuming that I use Execution Sentence roughly every min. rather than simply use it on cd. I would try to test on the target dummy but i don't have the trinket yet.
It would be a massive damage boost. ES snapshots your stats and at 10 stacks even the LFR version provides an extra 11070 strength, or 22140 AP - and that's before Kings/Battle Shout are factored in - and will keep that increased power for its full duration.
Thanks. I was not sure exactly how execution sentence worked. I was confused if it just did base damage and was only affected by Inquisition and Avenging Wrath, or if it had some attack power scaling behind it.
It's total damage is dictated by a complex AP/SP scaling formula that is then broken up into ten separate ticks. When cast, it snapshots your stats/buffs (including trinkets, Wings, and GoAK stacks!) and holds them for its duration. It does not snapshot the 2pT15 bonus, since that applies as a debuff.
11070 strength, +5% from plate spec (yes, we still get that bonus, even though it's for some reason not in the spellbook anymore), +5% from Kings, and +10% AP buff, is
11070*2*1.05*1.05*1.1*.5 = 13425 SP
...and ES' spellpower coefficient is a total of 593.6% over its duration, so 13425 SP becomes 13425*5.936 = 79691 damage, or 103598 once you count Inquisition. So yeah, using it at 10 stacks is a LOT of extra damage. Definitely worth waiting for, if the proc is already stacking up. My gut says it's not worthwhile to delay while just hoping for a proc (especially since that means a further 18 seconds of waiting for stacks even after it does proc), although I don't actually know that for sure.
05/14/2013 08:40 PMPosted by Ravicana
(yes, we still get that bonus, even though it's for some reason not in the spellbook anymore)

No, they finally put that back into our spellbook...5.1? I dunno. Been back for awhile.
Oh so they did. I guess I just haven't looked in a long time >.>
The only one problem is trying to calculate the amount of damage you gain from waiting to ES at an ideal time (i.e. 10 stacks of feather) vs how much ES you are losing from waiting for said ideal time over a fight.

But as basically every poster said before me it snapshots all your stats upon cast and is not re-adjusted.
If the Feather stacks are already building, 2 seconds of delay costs you 1/30 (~3%) of an ES, and gains you ~1300 spellpower, which is more than 3% of an ES. So it's worthwhile to wait for stacks, although this can eventually get it out of sync with wings.

Upon thinking about it further, I'm very confident that it's not worthwhile to hold onto ES just hoping for a proc; the .6 RPPM means you'd be waiting, on average, over a minute for a proc, and the proc doesn't more-than-double the strength of ES as it would have to for that to be worthwhile.
The general rule for delaying a cooldown for procs is delay unless it will cause you to miss a usage. I.E. 5 uses is better than 4 perfect uses.

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