Help with a macro for Light's Hammer...

Is there any way to create a macro for Light's Hammer to make it auto-cast without having to manually aim it? Say, a macro that basically tells the system "cast Light's Hammer 10 feet in front of the paladin's current position"?
Nope. No add-on or script can do such a thing either. You can make a macro like

/use !Light's Hammer

so that you can spam the button without the targeting circle disappearing, if that's part of your annoyance. That macro will only light up the circle, never turn it off until you click it, but you will have to click it someplace.
Thanks. It's not as much of an annoyance as I was just trying to take less time overall to use it. It's not a problem unless, for whatever reason, my cursor is way off in the corner of the screen somewhere.

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