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Wyrmrest Accord
<Stormborn> is a new heavy rp/rp-pvp guild for the Horde. We are a group of wanderers, always on the go, with the inability to stay in one area for long. We have no home, but group together across Azeroth at different times, whenever needed. Have an event that needs catering? Call on our crew! Attacking Goldshire and need a couple more soldiers? Our infantry will meet you there.

We are currently in the planning process, as we will host events of our own as well. At this point in time, we need a few dedicated 80+s to help us run guild dungeons, level the guild up a bit, and be the core foundation group of our guild.

We have already stocked up our guild bank, so if you need mats, RP clothes/items, or just about anything else, you're welcome to use what we have. We also offer free repairs.

We will start actually recruiting and setting up events as soon as we feel the guild is ready to go, but until then, if you are interested in helping us build it and be part of our core, please send a letter or whisper to Shaysinn.

Thank you Wyrmies!
A new guild for you delectation
*Dances* Looks cool!
come join us and see if you like us
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RISE! RISE FROM THE GRAVE AND SERVE YOUR NEW - wait a damn minute, you're already undead. Damn it, can't a budding necromancer find any non-walking corpses around here?
Ill offer a bump for RP/PVP guild
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