[H]<InReverie> 8/14 LF Mdps/Heals/Casuals

InReverie - Zul'jin - Horde (8/14 SoO)

We are a semi-hardcore guild who have stood the test of time since the launch of World of Warcraft. We are a mature bunch, who know when to get down to business, but also keep things fun throughout raid nights - we often hear of great our atmosphere is, whether we are just chatting in guild, slaughtering new bosses or wiping while trying to learn them, we try to keep things fun.

We use a loot council system that allows officers to vote on loot to make decisions for the good of the guild, things we take into consideration are: overall output increase for the raid, using BiS stats; performance; and attendance. This is often not required as we fill our raids with a spread of classes and specs, but it makes it more fair when shared items like Rings, Necks and Trinkets are needed by several people.

We are recruiting the following roles to progress with us in our 10 man group.

We are looking for:
  • Druid/Monk/Shaman heals with melee offspec
  • Deathknight/Paladin/Warrior dps - tank offspec bonus
  • Casual players, people who wish to hang out in guild, join in on flex (500+ilvl)

Raids are Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, 7:30-11pm - Beginning with Flex and reducing the raid for 10-man Normal

Our guild site is located at: http://inreverie.wowlaunch.com/

Or you can whisper Joloth, Aspryin, Arkfu or Ponzoo in-game for more information.

Join us and we can progress together!
Updated, now looking for just a Shadow Priest, with geared healing offspec.
Still seeking a Shadow Priest to join us with progression.
Updated for new recruitment needs.
Bump for good friends. :3

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