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1- Was just wondering if there was any way to transfer my BoA item from server A to my new character on server B, without paying for a character transfer from server A to B.

2- How does guild bought BoA work? on my main I am in a Exalted in a guild lvl 25. I buy all the agi/stam leather pieces to send them to my new monk. Does my new monk need to join the guild of my main to be able to wear those BoA? Does he need to have a certain amount of rep with guild? or can he wear them even if he's guildless or got a neutral rep with the guild?
1) At this time, there is no mechanism for moving items between two different servers, except for a paid transfer. The best minds at Blizzard have been working to change that for a number of years.

2) Only the character buying the goods needs to be Exalted with the guild. Once you have them, any of your alts can wear them, no matter what their guild affiliation may be.
The best minds at Blizzard have been working to change that for a number of years.

Simple solution to a simple problem IMO, create a bank tab common for all your character on the account that only BOA item can go in them.

Or consider BoA item like a mount or a Pet, a special tab for BoA in the mount/pet window, where you have access to all your BoA that you bought. Blizzard seems to have no problem sharing mount and pet with different server. They even share those with other account, Before coming back on WoW I created a free to play account on my battlenet account, and on this free to play account where my character are stuck at level 20, I have all my flying mount, aquatic mount, 100% speed mount ect.. that my real regular paying account posses.

If they are really looking for a solution here 2 really easy to implement idea that are already partially implemented in the game.
Agreed, a game my daughter plays, her characters have a shared bank which is anything she puts into the shared bank can be accessed by all of her characters...kind of silly isn't it ? A game aimed at children can implement that, and 'others' cant :)

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