Trove of the Thunder King

Bug Report
Today I made my weekly visit to the Isle of Thunder to get my Key to the Palace of Lei Shen. I usually get my key from a Trove of the Thunder King but after about an hour of searching I couldn't find any. That's unusual as I normally find one within ten minutes, but I just considered it bad luck. So for the next hour I hunted rares on the Isle and continued to look for troves. Still no key.

By this time I was somewhat frustrated so I went to WoWhead to see if something had changed with the keys or troves. Nothing has changed as far as I can see, but I did find a command that will tell you if you've looted a chest this week or not ( /run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(32609)) ). Using that, I found out that the game seems to think I have looted a chest this week which probably means it thinks I've looted a key.

The thing is, I haven't. This character didn't even go to the Isle of Thunder on Tuesday and the last time I looted a trove and key was last week sometime, which makes me think I'm bugged or something. Any suggestions?
post in costumer support if you want some help (5-9 is better). this is just for long term fixes and gets no comments.

Sidenote: You can get two keys if you loot from a trove before killing a rare. Troves aren;t 100%.

Did you brother play your toon tuesday?

sounds like bug.
Ah sorry, this seemed like my character was bugged so I assumed the bug report would be the best place to post. :P

And no, I don't let anyone else use my account.

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