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I'm not a "new player" by any stretch of the imagination, but you guys are the WoW Forums' resident sleuths and know-it-alls, so I have a question...

There's been some recent chatter on Twitter that has rekindled my interest in achievements, colloquially known as Nerd Points. But here's the thing...

This toon is my "main", and the only toon I really care about getting achievements on. On the forums she's listed as having 6720 achievement points. On my guild roster the Armory she's listed as having 6720 (interestingly, my level 75 shaman is listed as #1 in my guild at 9530, which is positively preposterous). On her character sheet on the Armory she's listed as having 6840. On her achievement pane in-game she's listed at 9630, but when I sort my guild roster (in-game) by achievement points she's listed at 7530.

So, my simple question is this: huh?
Most of the achievements you gain on one character now apply to all your characters. However some achievements still only apply to the character that actually got them. Hence the disparity in counts.

For example if you look at my achievements I recently earned "These Mogu Have Gotta Go-gu" but I actually killed 2 of the elites on this toon and the other elite on another toon (the other toon actually got the whole achievement). So I have the achievement listed in this toon's achievements but if I go into the detail of the achievement on this character it actually shows that I only killed 2 of the elite. So the 20 achievement points from that achievement appears in my overall total but not in this character's total.

One thing that breaks this as well is the fact that the amory can be slow to update things like achievements so that leads to disparities in what you see in game and outside the game.

Here's a blog post from Ghostcrawler on account wide achievements

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