Is it even worth it to try and get into PvP-

- at this point in the season? I've never really done much serious PvP before - I derp'd around in two's for a bit in Season 9, that was about it. I'd kind of like to try, though - I'm finally on a high pop server, even if I have no clue what I'm doing at the moment (or even how seasons work, really, hence my question!)

I keep seeing lots of threads pop up about how warriors are "meh" at best until Tyrannical weapon, and that would take quite a while (Like, what, a month?) - while being pretty behind the curve the whole time.

So...should I give it a shot? Or should I just kind of casually chill and try and learn what I'm doing until Season 14 drops and the current conquest gear get's bumped down.
I know I kick !@# in randoms, but I also know that isn't a place to test balance.
I don't think I made any claims to balance. o.o

At least, not here. << I've been swearing up a storm about hunters, mages, and warlocks since this morning. :V
Yeah for sure give it a try.
Next week you will have full resilience regardless and fully geared PVPers will not hit as hard either. It will be the perfect time to get into pvp.
just spend a couple hours grinding for the tyrr weapon lol, and by the time you've done that you'll probably know whether or not you want to keep pvping.
Join pvp again man, it is a blast, it might get extremely annoying as warrior in fresh gear though. Especially those freaking mages and hunters and destro locks with their 3k choas bolts. Believe me you will get for 300k and you can't reflect them all with no resil lol.

But with all that said if I were you I would spec prot, stack stamina while in pve gear and just do random bgs, As prot you will take a lot less damage even in pve gear and with some stamina to keep you up longer for heals it might not get too frustrating.

Good part is you are alliance and your queue time is now down to like 30 seconds since most pvpers switched back to horde. You might lose but with 30 seconds wait times you can get geared up even if you lose all your games in less than two days.

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