[H] Regenesis LF 1 DPS or Heal


We are a SG based guild that does casual raiding in US-Saurfang.
We are currently 11/12 in ToT and seeking for a DPS.
Although we are casual but we expecting good attendance.

We are seeking:
Holy Paladin
Restoration Shaman
Elemental Shaman
Enhancement Shaman
Frost Death Knight

Our raid time is Wed , Sun , Mon 8:45pm to 10:45pm (GMT+8)
If you are interested please send a tell or drop a mail to Halogenx, Genx or Regenx.

Best Regards,
hey may i join your group? 512 fury warrior looking to do ToT normals. =)
Hi Marcus

Thank you for your interest, but we are seeking for DPS/Healer hybrid to maximise raid buffs and also to rotate for MIAs.

Best Regards,

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