New Druid

Just started a new druid and was wondering what spec I should roll with for the fastest leveling. I was thinking tank spec due to insta queue times for instances.
If you enjoy tanking, that's certainly one way. I personally favor healing so I leveled as Resto with Bal OS for quests/etc.

I found healer queues to be pretty much instant as well. Comes down to preference and which spec you want to build your skills around.
For queue times, of course tank/healer. For DPS, feral.

There's no real need to go boomkin until 85.
Yeah I'm leveling a druid with no Heirlooms and Balance is by far eh worst leveling experience I've had since vanilla (Elemental Shaman... ugh). Restoration gets Killer Instinct at 30-something allowing it to solo with Cat Form extremely easily. So easy in fact that it is actually faster than Moonkin form in Balance Spec. Tank spec is most likely the fastest leveling spec though.
Go healer. HoT tank up, watch dps hp, read magazine
Is Boomkin a good, speedy way to level from 85-90? I'm not a skilled kitty, but it seemed like the most efficient way to quest.
Kitty is the fastest way to level. If you want to still run dungeons just roll with a guardian as one spec and feral as another. For leveling purposes you will just use the same gear in either spec and pewpewpewpew
Personally I am loving leveling Boomy. Just dot round up mobs and aoe them down it's so easy and lots of fun. I found feral to be too energy starved but that's just my opinion. I also love healing so that's my OS for dungeons.
Boomkin can keep going endlessly. Mana isn't an issue until you start spamming hurricane. It's not a quick kill like feral, but you can be more efficient with more mobs pulled.
I am leveling a druid atm, just hit 50 last night and been doing Resto/Boom as my leveling choice. I ultimately wanted a resto at end game so it made sense for me to level one up from scratch. It is definitely a nice way to level through BG's and dungeons, queues are almost instant and BG's are a blast as a healer! Questing though is slow going, I go cat form a lot, that seems to have the best DPS for my wee resto now...
One thing many people miss when they are all "GO FERAL" is that feral is only better at single target damage. Balance is great (geared correctly) at doing damage to multiple enemies and kiting (a necessity as we are rather fragile even with our moonkin damage reduction). I am enjoying balance now, but it does take some work to really get into it.

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