[A] Remnants recruiting ranged DPS and heals!

About Us
Remnants is a group of friends that have played together on and off since the release of WoW. We are a guild of mature adults and expect our members to act as such. Remnants is a fun guild but with a progressive mindset; we raid twice a week (see below for the exact times), but we expect our raiders to take their commitment seriously. Be there when you say you will, tell us in advance if you can't, be prepared, have a good attitude and there will be shinies and dead bosses for all. We are currently looking for some new additions to our core raiding roster.

Raid Times
Wednesday: 7:30pm - 10:00pm server time
Thursday: 7:30pm - 10:00pm server time

Open Roles
  • People to make the boss die (all ranged DPS)
  • People to keep us from dying (healers)
  • Tanking off specs are a bonus!

What We Are Looking For
Players who have...
  • Fundamental and up to date understanding of your class & spec.
  • The ability to learn from mistakes and follow directions during a raid.
  • A positive attitude. No one likes wiping, but if you throw in the towel and get mad after one attempt, you will not be a good fit.
  • Respect for your guildmates. This includes respect for their time; you must come to raids punctually and prepared (with your own consumable and an understanding of the fight).
  • The ability to use Ventrilo.
  • Ability to be active on forums.
  • Drive to be the best you possibly can at your role.

Join Us!
Check out our website and apply at: www.remnantsguild.enjin.com.

Have questions? Contact one of our officers in-game:
Elrood (GM)
Gknobr (Officer)
Afreet (Officer)
Colinberan (Officer)
Trawl (Officer)

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