Insane in the Membrane

I'm thinking of doing this achievement on my DK, who is currently hated with Bloodsail and friendly with Steamwheedle. Most guides say to farm BSB first and then Steamwheedle, but wouldn't it be more efficient to do it the other way around?

From what i'm reading you don't need the reputation all at once, so If I got BSB honored first i'd have to farm steamwheedle back up to exalted from negative rep, where as doing Steamwheedle first, BSB is already as low as it goes so I don't lose any progress. any reason not to do it that way?

Also i'm not able to find up to date info, is there a specific place people farm the lockboxes for Ravenholt now in 5.2?
It would be more efficient yes, assuming it works, still some disagreement on whether it is fixed or not, or whether the tracker is broken but achievement fixed, apparently it's working on the PTR though so could wait til 5.3 to be sure:-

May 6th, 2013 on 5:13 pm
Patch 5.2.0

Hey Raimondas, I had a nice, long chat with a GM today about this issue, thought you might like to know. There is a bug, but it is the with tracker display, not with the achievement itself. The GM said that as long as it was checked off initially (which it was), Insane in the Membrane will still be achieved. They also let me know that they WILL grant the achievement if it is earned but doesn’t show up. Hope this info helps

Raimondas the Insane
May 7th, 2013 on 3:48 am
Patch 5.2.0

That’s good to know.

However, I’ve seen GMs give bad information regarding Insane in the Membrane frequently enough that I personally wouldn’t rely on it. I always personally test these things whenever possible.

That's from Raimondas the Insane's website, check it out for some guides to doing the insane reps. Two things he hasn't added yet though is the Darkmoon Faire Carousel rep buff and the Darkmoon Hat rep buff, it's a 1hr 10% rep and xp buff you can get from riding the carousel at the dmf (tickets sold just by entrance to carousel) or from buying a hat from Gelvas Grimegate for 10 prize tickets. One thing though, the hats vanish when the DMF ends so no point stocking up on them unless you're sure you'll use them before it finishes, AND the rep buff from the hats vanishes when the DMF ends too, while the carousel buff remains even after the faire ends.
If you're truly insane, you will have all the reps at the same time =D
The tracker's bugged, though it has been fixed (finally!) on the 5.3 PTR.

For the moment I suggest you work on Ravenholdt and Darkmoon Faire.

As for guides, you can see my web site for continuously updated guides (last update was last night!). Google for "Raimondas the Insane" and enjoy.

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