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Okay, so can someon explain to me how this works? I get it's sort of like assassination rogue with the bleeds and it has incarnation for burst but overall my damage sucks. what am I supposed to do to put pressure on my target outside of CDs? Do I just spam mangle? I feel liek I'm doing 0 damage. I do 10x more on my sub rogue and I know I have to be doing something wrong.
Outside of cooldowns you're putting out pressure from keeping bleeds up, keeping high uptime on target and putting out CC. Unless you're speaking 1v1 you shouldn't be "spamming" anything when your team hasn't set up CC.

If you've played a rogue then you know the importance of pooling energy, simply keep shredding and keep bleeds up but try to stay around the happy medium of 40-50 energy at all times so you're ready at a moments notice to burst if a CC opportunity arises.

Once you get a Tyrannical weapon you'll see your damage go up a considerable amount as well, though you should already see the height of feral's potential damage as you're gemming pure PvP power.
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I get it's sort of like assassination rogue
No, not even close.

This is like saying an Affliction like is sort of like a Frost mage ... which is not even close to accurate. The majority of a Ferals dmg is from bleeds plain and simple. You can pop zerk and incarnation to do incredible burst ... but if you cant keep pressure up the rest of the time you wont do very well.

- Keep the ArP debuff from FF up 100% of the time
- Keep Savage Roar up as close to 100% of the time as you can
- Keep Rake up as close to 100% of the time as you can
- Keep 5p Rip up when you can (only use bite if Rip is up or if you are close to a kill)
- If you get an ooc proc and dont loose it immediately due spamming buttons ... use it on thrash.

This being said, you can apply even more pressure by correctly using Tigers Fury ... first, you want to use it with your on Use Trink/Eng Glove Enchant/Consumables and its usually best to make a macro for this like:

/cast Tiger's Fury
/use 10
/use Arrowflight Medallion
/use Tyrannical Gladiator's Badge of Conquest
/use SI:7 Operative's Manual

At the moment it looks like you have the proc trinket ... not terrible but IMO the on Use is better (personal pref I guess).

Second, you want to use TF when it will maximize your dmg ... aka you want to have it up when you do your hardest hitting dmg. Thus, once Savage Roar is stable you want to get 3 combos, and right after the third lands (most likly you will be <30 energy unless you have zerk or some crazy ooc proc) hit TF get 2 more combos and do a 5 point rip before TF falls off. It is also best to refresh your Rake while TF is up ... so for example

FF, SR, Rake are all up ... shred, shred, shred (bad rng no crits no extra combos) TF, Rake, Shred, Rip

This rip is now ticking for 30% (savage roar) + 15% (tigers fury) + AP/Mastery Bonus for 16 sec + 6 sec if you can land 3x more shred/mangles which leaves you with 8 sec before TF is back up and you can do it again.

Keeping up with these bleeds is a challenge, but if you can pull it off its usually enough dmg to make enemy healers freak out enough to stop playing offensively even outside of Berserk because of how crazy hard they are ticking. I have killed countless warlocks because I got them to 30% and they panic and teleport out of LoS of there healer ... and die to bleeds.
you have a spell power proc trinket on your feral spec set btw.
I was getting crit for 94k and 50k by feral bleeds. How do I do this on my feral? my bleesd tick for like 8k normal 16k crits.
Ugh.. I give up. goin to use the PVP gear go bear and tank heroics. I'm doing exactly what poster above told me to do and I watched some videos on skill capped and I get like 3 mil damage done at the end of a long BG with lots of uptime while my team mates do 10-16 mil damage. I mean a DKs DoTs hit harder than my bleeds and he can hit me for 70-100k back to back all the time so what's the point in even playing feral?
Don't give up. Thought I wouldn't really seem the case, feral are incredibly gear dependant in pvp. At the start of the season I had 2 druids, One with full t2 from last season, and one with honor gear from this season. It was actually incredible how much more damage my bleeds did, about 30% more plus the crit was much more often. also the soft haste cap will give you and extra attack every once in a while. Just make sure in pvp you remember we are a burst class, and you arent meant to kill someone at all times like a dk/spriest. In bgs your damage will be low, but effective since its meant for one target. In arena, the more your team is forced to switch the less damage you do since you have to reapply bleeds. One other thing you have to remember is that sometimes you should rip instead of savage roar. if the potential for a kill is close because of CC or a teammates CDs dont worry about savage roar too much unless you use the glyh . And one last thing, remember feral healing is amazing, and so is its cc. Just make sure you are doing all of that and the wins will come regardless.
In pvp ferals are good against rogues but when it comes to 1v1 you wish you can beat them
I don't really want to give up but it's a bit disheartening when this happens


Plus In my hold guild horde side there was a druid that was just like DK he would destroy people and get top damage all the time. and this is in RBGs. I just wish I knew what he did to get so much damage in lol and unless my burst crits it feels pretty garbage I mean it's like I do less single target than a boomkin fighting one guy -.-
well that dk is mostly tyr with a shadopan trink.

ferals dont really top charts since they are mostly single target dps.
ferals dont really top charts since they are mostly single target dps.
Terrible Lies ... the day Fire Kitty Seeds came out, I spent the day wrecking people in random Battle Grounds in fire kitty ... I was top of the leader boards more than 50% of the time.

So many ferals with such shattered hopes / dreams ... I will have to record some of my arena/bgs and post some.

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