Guild Level 12 Trap?

My guild just hit level 12, and I got a message after seeing the initial guild level 12 perk, and then a new message came up and said "New Trap Available" I am pretty sure. Can anyone tell me what this means? I had been doing arenas on my druid when we hit it, and once we got out is when it popped up. I am an officer in the guild and saw it while my friend a core raider didn't see it.
Are you sure you weren't pet battling at the time? The new traps are earned as you level.
I was doing 2's...unless if it was only a glitch >.<
Pet Battle traps can now be used in arena to capture druids and shaman in their beast forms. Upon winning the arena battle, a captured pet druid or shaman will be placed in your pet journal and lose 2 levels, you may rename them and force them to fight for your team in future arena battles.
05/09/2013 09:09 PMPosted by Katzbalger
you may rename them

Please don't rename me.
Make sure you have the Viridian City gym badge so pets of any level will obey you!

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