UI Indicators

Enhancement Shamans have a visual indicator for our Maelstrom Weapon which is nice. Since there are two possible indicators one at the top (which Maelstrom uses) and the side ones, can we please get the side ones connected to Lava Lash.

I would be nice to have a visual indicator to see when my 5 stacks of searing flames is ready to be unleashed without having to scan my buffs to find out. It's not being used for enhance so I really don't know why this hasn't been implemented yet.
I do that with power auras, its easy to do. Try it :3
Learn 2 addons.

Power auras, ShockAndAwe...

And unless you're opening up without FET, there's not much of a need to know when you have SF @ 5. Between Lava Lashes, it pretty much always gets back up to 5. If this isn't happening, totem positioning could be an issue. This can happen on high movement fights if you don't redrop and/or Totemic Projection enough.

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