8 million people.

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"According to the company, most of those departures were players in the East, though a significant number of Western players left as well. All told, the game now has about 8.3 million paying customers -- down from 9.6 million in February -- and Activision CEO Bobby Kotick admits that number is bound to drop even further."

-Source; Yahoo and Plugged In

I don't know where everyone things it's just the Asian market.. Looks like the West is unsubscribing; this does include the U.S. as well.

"Though a significant number of Western players left as well."
what Blizzard has done keeping WoW going for 9 years is nothing short of amazing. That doesn't mean there aren't areas for improvement when subscription drop 1.3 million in a single quarter.

I guess reading "I quit" posts on general forums is actually important to blizzard.
i unsubbed today

Their losses are from a massive downgrade in game quality.. Most new content is just a daily island, and more daily islands, and more dailies, AND MORE DAILIES DAILY'S DAILY'S DAILIES DAITLLTLREFEFES.. Content is a joke, everything is easy as hell and kid catered to the extreme. This is why its dying. I know at least 30 peeps I played with that have quit because of those reasons and all the comments on some of the articles about that state that said its because of the easy as !@#$ content, and all content basically being more daily quest farms.

They ran out of ideas, and are just putting fillers in for everything. Its evident, the sub loss proves that. People will always leave when quality isn't a factor anymore since they pay for that above F2P quality which they are no longer getting in WoW from Blizzard.

Their sub loss has nothing to do with F2P titles, they use them as a target to point their fingers out to make them sound better. Ask any ex WoW player, im sure 90% Will tell you they left because of easy content, and daily and daily island for each content patch with no point whatsoever.
05/12/2013 12:16 AMPosted by Bloodyraziel
because of the easy as !@#$ content,
What exact content are you calling easy?
I'd love to see the subscription fee knocked down to $10, and maybe knock the server transfer fees and race change down by $10, or at least give the people that have been playing for a while a discount on that, spice it up a bit.
I'm still saying Blizzard is including the people (specifically in South America) who keep playing via the Free version (trial). One thing i've learned over the last 38 years of my life either video game or communications wise (TWC,ATT,such). Any sub including those people who say just canceled for the next month. Are still counted as subscribers in the original number. It's like SWTOR their Sub base has jumped to 3 million since going FTP. What that means is Just because it s a sub doesn't mean the financial department of the problem is fixed. Look at City of Heroes, It had a very strong sub following and it still went under with the FTP model added into the regular sub. Now Blizzard isn't dying but when they made those employment cuts to customer service a year or less back, that was writing on the wall there. But who knows, I still think player wise as in non trial sub base is closer to 3-4 million worldwide.
Well guys the MMO market is all about preferences. I think WoW has done a fantastic job appealing to as many players for as long as it has; honestly, when this game was conceived, do you really think anyone at Blizz envisioned it ruling the MMO field for this long? Nothing lasts forever. Perhaps they have tried to appeal to too many people over time, but to stay at the top for this long may never be repeated. Even if WoW were to go f2p tomorrow, I think its devs could rightly slap each other on the back and say job well done.
Of course the sub numbers are on the decline. Hell if you don't like WoW, or don't like it anymore, it's not like you don't have literally hundreds of other options. But I'll say this much: I can name several other supposedly triple-A games whose publishers and developers would give their right !@#$%^-* to be able to say that their game had "only" 8.3 million paying players.
Oooh boy I got the auto-edit there lol ^^
Who care that we lost 1.3 million players. They were mostly chinese gold farming bots.

Someone else pointed out that this is when a lot of annual pass subs run out, so don't forget that decline too.
5.3 is going to decide if I stay or leave.
With all the changes being done to PvP it feels like I won't have anything to look forward to i my gear is to be locked at 496 ilvl.

Also seeing how my realm is dead it felt like people were leaving. I'll just go with the flow.
I have to say, although I agree with you, all these threads about the sub report are getting annoying.

That's how many people are still playing this game. Tell me, what MMORPG is 8-9 years old that still has a sub and the player base that WoW has?

Lets also get a perspective on exactly what 8 million is.

1) It is roughly the population of London
2) It is roughly the population of Washington DC + Baltimore
3) Roughly the entire population of Virgina. (Yes I can see the jokes now, with this reference)
4) The Entire Country of Switzerland
5) More then twice the amount of people living in Jamaica
6) More then the number of people who have been able to see the super bowl in person (aka at the stadium) since WoW was launched almost 9 years ago. This statement will hold true even if WoW loses another million or so customers between now and the 10th Anniversary of WoW in 2014, even given the added viewers of the new Superbowl.

7) Half the amount of actual colors you can express in a 24 bit (true-color) image format, or a 32 bit, where 8 bytes is dedicated to alpha
It's money. Are you saying Blizzard lied when they said they lost SUBSCRIBERS?

Go ahead. Answer that one.

Point is, they lost MONEY. They ARE concerned. Try as you may, troll. Very few believe you.

They then qualified that of that 1.3 million subscriptions lost, most were non-paying subscriptions. Every single linked source explained that very explicitly to you. I know you think that I, every news reporting agency and the vast majority of players here are in an elaborate conspiracy to troll you, but just try to put your paranoia aside and use logic.

Logic? Word of Mouth, do you really understand logic? Word of mouth is HUGE because of it's multiplicative properties, and that doesn't even mention character services as well. Logic? right.

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