<H> Recruiting 1 Tank

Eternal Darkness is seeking out 1 Tank for our core group.

Why would you want to raid with us?

We are a casual group that's interested in PvE, Arena, RBG's and everything inbetween. Since we are casual, we only raid Sun/Mon nights from 9:30pm server till Midnight. We pay for repairs, supply flasks and help you meet your goals along with the guilds goals. We have our own vent server. We've been around for a long time, created 11-28-2004, so you can depend on us sticking around as we're all experienced with the game. We often attempt RBG's, mostly for cap but with a few more willing and able people, we could make it a weekly effort for rating.

What we expect from you?

Fairly simple, show up on time, use the appropriate mods to raid and have some fun. We use the calendar system for raid invites, we expect you to respond to that. Have vent and a working mic.

For any further details or questions, you can contact me in game on Diaz or Bellous.
Need a tank for tonight and tomorrow, we'll be online tonight, toss me a tell if your interested.

Still searching for a tank and a healer for our core raiding group.
Update, found a tank, still looking for that healer to progress

Any healing class is good, toss me a tell if you're interested in game!

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