Combat Spec DPS Issues

I know most of you here don't play Combat... but where is my DPS? According to Noxxic an ilvl 468 combat rogue does 60k dps (give or take 50k for energy regen issues)... right now i'm sitting at ilvl 479 and i'm barely swimming in the 40k dps range. I'm sure that my rotation is pretty good (Ambush > RvS > SnS > SnD > SnS > Rup or Evis)... The only time I do decent damage is if I'm hitting 4 guys with Blade Flurry, pop Killing Spree, and have Adr Rush and Shadow Blades popped (95-105k DPS then if I'm lucky)...


What happened to Rogues in MoP?


You should use that firstly. Secondly, where are you doing 40k dps? 5 mans? raids?
Combat this expansion has gotten a massive chunk of its dps from its nearly spammable cooldowns. I remember when raiding last tier it wasn't very uncommon for my DPS to drop 20-30k in between cooldowns and spike back up.

If you are indeed doing the rotation properly (it looks like it) about the only thing you can further optimize is utilizing Anticipation to get more finishers off during the red combat phase (I forgot the name off the buff) / trinket procs, and also remember you can get away with refreshing SnD with any amount of CP's when it has less than 4s on its duration, as well as refreshing rupture when its sub 3s on duration, it doesn't override the tick.

Edit: Also make sure you have every buff before you compare your numbers to something like shadowcraft or noxxic, rogues are extremely buff dependent.
05/11/2013 12:48 PMPosted by Daviche
You should use that firstly. Secondly, where are you doing 40k dps?

Against Training Dummies

I checked Shadowcraft, and with my PvP gear on without all of the raid buffs you would normally have I would be doing 40k DPS (mind you, my PvE gear is much better than my PvP gear)

I'll check Shadowcraft again when I equip my PvE gear

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