Trans vs Proudmoore and Stormrage?

I'm having no luck on my home server since MoP came out. I can't find a steady guild, my job makes raiding impossible for the 2-3 solid raiding guilds on the server. The economy is so bad that dailies brings in more gold than most farming with the exception of the occasional rare pet. So I've been looking at transferring lately, and I'm torn between Stormrage and Proudmoore, while Lightbringer has been mentioned a few times now.

I work 11pm to 7am Sunday night thru Thursday night as base hours, and I won't raid within an hour of those times. You'd think me having Friday/Sat nights off would be excellent for all-night raiding, but it does not happen on Garona. Does it happen on Lightbringer? Does it happen on Proudmoore/Stormrage? I've quite a few 90's that I may transfer and would hate to end up even worse off. :\

Noone has responded to my post on Proudmoore, granted its only been hours. Stormrage's response has been mild too, but mostly warning of the huge ques to get in. Reminds me a lot of when I played Area52 Horde, They'd always try to scare off new people due to the overpopulation. :P

So how about this place, Lightbringer?

Nomadic@Garona - 502/493 Prot/Ret pally, raiding toon.
Nomadyc@Garona - Alchemy/herbing alt for pally's potions and flasks
Aethir@Garona - Mining/Jewelcrafting alt for pally
Yadrun@Garona - Leatherworking/Skinning alt basically for the fun of it.
My guild does Fri/Sat night 9 pm raids atm.. Think there are a couple others as well. Hit me up in game if you have questions. I came here a few months and love it.

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