Blizz should not give in to crying rogues.

Rogues should not be getting nurfed. It is ridiculous to think that that they need to be. If i am pvping against a hunter, if they are good enough i will only be able to open before being kitted stuned and then dieing.
"Yeh please stop there. Balance discussions shouldn't include 2s. "
Stupid (but correct) answer. The real answer is obvious - this game isn't balanced at all. No one class should have all the cards - be it warlocks, mages or rogues. Only idiots will argue how the game is balanced around 3s and 5s ignoring the underlying truth that the game is broken.

No ones ignoring anything. However 3s a lot can work, team play helps, and player experience and skill will still trump all but the largest gear gaps, and hard counters. Sure if you play triple boomkin it won't help but if you run a legit comp, you can still pound it up against even your hardest counters if you're better.

However 2v2 doesn't work this way. I can smash mage/healers who are well beyond my skill level just because of class where as in a 3v3 scenario that all goes away. Therefore it shouldn't be brought up. Game isn't perfect, but 3v3 is far from destroyed. However 2s is a complete crap shoot.

With step our mobility is gonna be pretty poor I think, step is really outdated on a 24 second cd, especially seeing as on top of its bad cooldown it doesn't mini stun or slow the target you're on at all

I have no issue with buffs to step. Step can be stopped, peeled, you can counter play off of it, and there's back and forth. I just dislike the current CnD where the rogue is basically stuck to something for the entirety of his dance if he sets it up even half correct with his healer. No arguements here about step in its base form being very weak, I'm just glad CnD and rogues jumping around the entire arena during every dance like $#%@ing Seabiscuit is going away.
cloak and dagger is useless talent now which mean every rogue will go back to shadowstep but I am pretty sure you whinners in forums will find a way to complain about rogues again.

*Acting like rogues aren't completely and utterly retarded and that people are simply "whiners"*

Take your nerf like a man. Rogues are broken beyond reason with essentially no counterplay potential coming from their target. Then rogues have the nerve to come on the forums and pretend to be imba and that everyone is just bad since they can't respond to something that has no answer.
Two back to back 130k crit eviscerates, plus melee, plus rupture came out to about 300k in 1.5 seconds

Awkward this sounds like 3 globals in 1.5 seconds. He must be hacking.

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