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I don't know if anyone knows of something that would function like this, and I'm a little stumped as to what keywords I should use to look for it; but what I'm trying to find is an addon that arranges all of the nameplates that would be displayed on the screen and places them in a stack that can be moved around the screen. It would make judging who is doing what much more intuitive. Anyway, thank you for reading, and if you respond. Have a lovely day.
There isn't because that's tabulating enemy units and that isn't possible (on purpose).
What you can do is go to Interface-Game-Names or Nameplates (I forget the name of the section). There will be a dropdown menu to control behaviour of default nameplates. You can choose stacking so that default nameplates never overlap but it can cause some wonky behaviour in large groups with plates jumping around and stacking up very high.
It won't be a table that you can move around, no, but at least there won't be any overlap between the nameplates.

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