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Recently I decided to try changing my GladiatorlosSA settings so it is not limited to target/focus. This is very useful as a healer, because I rarely have a hostile target selected. However, as anyone who's tried the addon knows, this can be very hectic in a big battleground, because it announces enemy abilities for the entire battleground.

I am wondering if it's possible to code an enemy range checker function. If it could be made to only inform you of enemies within maybe 40 or 60 yards, it would become far more useful. I'm pretty sure making range checkers for friendly targets is easy enough, considering addons like VuhDo do it all the time. It even can give you the distance to a target on your frames. But I imagine that this would have already been done if it were possible to do for enemy units.

Also, I wanted to ask if it's possible to add a conditional type deal for my player frame. On my UI I have my action bars vanish when I have no target and I am not in combat, but I can still mouse over them to make them apear individually. I do this through Bartender conditionals, and I was just wondering if I could add the same conditionals to the default Blizzard player frame. I like to have my UI as empty as possible while out of combat, but I still want it easily accessible if I target something.
No, the default blizzard frames do not have that functionality. You can hide the whole bottom bar element using something like

Regarding GladiatorlosSA, the range checker in vuhdo is possible because you can see location of all friendlies on a map, get coordinates from there, and then extrapolate their distances.
That is not possible for enemies. Now there are ways to sort of estimate it in a BG but it is extrapolation and very computationally expensive and not always reliable. BattlegroundTargets does it this way and these are the notes on this particular feature:

-- # Range Check: --------------------------------------- VERY HIGH CPU USAGE --
-- - Events: --
-- 1) Combat Log: --- COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED --
-- 2) Class: -------- PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED --
-- 3/4) Mix: ---------- COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED --
-- - The data to determine the distance to an enemy is not always available.--
-- This is restricted by the WoW API. --
-- - This feature is a compromise between CPU usage (FPS), lag/network --
-- bandwidth (no SendAdd0nMessage), fast and easy visual recognition and --
-- suitable data.

The point being this would be somewhat hard to do and you'd have to ask the author of gladiatorlossa if he cares for such a feature.
Thanks Sedivy, you're awesome.

It's too bad that the range finding for enemies is so limited, but it's kind of what I expected. With a popular addon like GladiatorlosSA I fiigured someone would have done it if it were simple. I might try to contact the author and see if that's something he wants to look into further. It sure would be nice to not hear the abilities used from across the map.

And I'll give the UI hider a try! Thanks. :)
It might be easier if it was a part of a range check. Like if you're checking for melee range on a mob rather than an arbitrary range number. But...still I suspect it would computationally be extensive. Have you tried adding this as an aura to show in something like TidyPlates which theoretically should be possible? Thereby attaching the aura to the player's nameplate? Technically you can see everyone's debuffs on the enemy's nameplate and I think you may be able to see the buffs as well. If not, maybe PlateBuffs might be able to? That way you don't need to worry about range as you're estimating it with your eyes, but you still have some sort of warning.

Otherwise, something like Icicle or Atemi could show you a CD once the ability has been popped. You won't see it while it's up but you'll see when they don't have it anymore/is on CD.

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