Primal Elementalist Bug

Bug Report
Potentially not a bug but seems to be due to the way the Primal Elementals Action Bar was coded, turning off the autocast of 1 elementals spell will subsequently turn off the spell in the corresponding slot for the other, E.g turning off the Earth Eles AoE taunt, will turn off the Fire Eles Fire Blast and vice versa. I use this example as it is the one that causes issues on fights like horridon, dark animus and tortos where add control is vital (especially on heroic), where turning off the taunt before the fight will result in a dps loss from lack of fire ele's fire blast where as leaving it on and switching it off mid fight will result in at least one taunt being cast as the Earth Ele will use it as soon as it spawns.
Would love to hear from a Blue as to whether or not this is a bug, an oversite during coding, or working as intended as it is severely frustrating and annoys my tanks considerably when the hunk of rock steals their precious vengeance

P.S: I do not want to hear that i should just make a macro to turn the taunt off and fire blast on with /petautocast, these DO NOT WORK for elementals, trust me i have tried extensively
The elemental pets are coded a little strangely, as far as I can tell. This could be working correctly as it is programmed, but is resulting in some strange behaviours. By posting this here, you've ensured that the QA team will read this and put it on the to do list, but just in case this is working as it is programmed to, you will want to post in the Shaman Forums to bring attention to the devs to make a fix for this.
I have posted in the shaman forums, twice, to no avail. thank you for the response and i hope to hear more on this soon

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