Your overview of classes in pvp?

So just wanting to see what other people think in terms of buffs, nerfs, op classes and underpowered classes as far as pvp goes.

Heres mine:
Warriors: Second wind combined with protection stance should not be allowed as a dps spec, and is simply ridicolous (and I don't understand why blizzard is reverting the prot stance nerf).

Mages: Mages manage to consistently be on top of the pvp charts, and im guessing this is because of cc and their burst, not so much survivability.

Shamans: Shamans are also consistently on top of pvp charts, probably because many healing abilities are group orientated and they have mana efficient spells and the like. Enhance and elemental to me seem rather... pointless

Priests: Shadow priests are in a good spot right now, dont know if this is to remain though. Holy is not viable in pvp at high rating as far as I know and discipline mana problems still need tweaking, although manageable.

Death Knights: Dk's ability at the moment to use blood presence and conversion is kinda silly in dps spec, and I predict they will become the rbg tanks of 5.3 with the nerfs coming to tank flag carriers. Unholy isnt as fun as in wrath/cata and blood is decent in rbgs.

Warlocks: Warlocks aren't really viable in high end arenas however hold their own in rated battlegrounds (which I look forward to). Cant say much else as I am yet to learn.

So thats just some of my opinions however I am nowhere near pro at wow pvp and I wouldn't take my advice, just for the flamers out there.

Love to hear other people's opinions,
- Raposah
itt: buff my class; nerf everything else
itt: buff my class; nerf everything else
Love to hear other people's opinions,

~Confirmed 1500~
That's fantastic guys, anyone have anything real to contribute?
useless replies to a useless thread seems fitting to me

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