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Any help on this one?I tried logging into the game and I kept getting "The information is not valid, check spelling of account name and password blah blah blah." After a few tries, I figured I just changed my password and forgot what is was (Havent been on in over a month). Well I changed my password, tried logging in and same error.. figured I had cap lock on or something. So I changed it once more, same thing... the weird part is I can log into Forums and but when I try logging into game it give me the error.
Same issue here.

Are you a Mac user?

Just wondering... Some friends had no problems logging in (PC users).
Had this issue attempting to access account management yet was able to play the game at the same time and now i have access to account management and can't access game....PC user

We are currently looking into an ongoing issue with our authentication servers. That would explain why you are not able to log in at the moment.

Here's a sticky thread with more information:

Any updates on the matter will be posted in there. Also, for future reference, please check the date of the last post in a thread. This is an old thread, so the error 104 that occurred then is more than likely not going to be related to today's issues.

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