Please help - PvP Gaming Mouse Problems

This may seem a little out of place, but I'm getting desperate here and I thought this would be a good place to look. I'm using the Razer Naga atm, and I'm having some tech issues with it - every now and then my cursor will just whizz across my screen in a perfectly linear direction (it's different every time). I read this may be because the firmware is out of date, but I can't find where to update it despite my best efforts. Has anyone had/have this issue and know how to fix it? If so, could you please link me to the firmware updater, if that's the problem, or tell me what else it could be and how to fix it?
Razer nagas are good designs, but the quality of the product is rather low.

It's planned obsolescence, they all break, contacts go bad.

If you don't have a warranty and can't get a replacement, then I'd recommend trying the Logitech G600.
I posted this on another forum, and someone else suggested exactly that. I'll leave this up for a bit and if I can't get a solution for the Naga I'll probably do just that since I can still return this one. Thanks so much.
I'm on my third Naga, and quite frankly if I had known about the logitech G600 I wouldn't have ever bought this one. On average they seem to last about 1yr of play time.

And that's not to say that razer mice are bad, it's just they have extremely limited life spans. You'd think a $75-100(US) mouse wouldn't go bad in 10-14 months.
Also recommend the Logitech G600. Much sturdier. Bought a Naga and the right click would stop working every now and then, much too frequently, nothing stuck in there, just wouldn't do what I told it. This was after only 2-3 months. Was nice before that... switched to the G600 over a year ago and nothing has happened yet, works great.

The macro interface and profiles are a little clunky to configure, but other than that, I love it.
Logitech G600s are available through online retailers, just do a google search.

They're also carried at Brick & mortars, such as BEST BUY in the same aisle as the razer gaming products.
I've had my razer for 2 years, no problems at all, other than every now and then my mouse, like you said will go perfectly linear across my screen, horizontally, and i have to blow on the laser to fix it

I can't in all good conscience call this "no problems at all." In arenas, especially as a melee class, this is an ENORMOUS disadvantage and impediment. I can't tell you how many times this has just confused the hell out of me (frankly) and been either the cause of a missed interrupt, cc, or at the very least a DPS loss. It's a pretty substantial problem when you're mouse-moving if you ask me.
I also highly recommend the G600, it is a far far far superior product in almost every way shape and form. I absolutely love it, and it's a very comfortable mouse too.

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