Breaking the t14 four piece set bonus?

I have the regular 496 legplates, which would give me my four piece ret set bonus. I also recently received Bloodlord's Bloodsoaked Legplates from LFR Horridon.

I was wondering if it's worth breaking the set bonus to use these, or if I'd be better off going for the set bonus? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
For a 6 iL increase, not likely; Judgment hits pretty hard, and 4pT14 makes it that much stronger. As a general rule, keep your four-piece from an old tier until you can double-up two-pieces from old tier and new tier.
Awesome answer. Thank you so very much.
I have the same dilema., except on my ret T14 i have only raid finder, and i just got a 502 chest. Would it be worth it to break the 4 piece set bonus for a 19 lvl upgrade??
That a bit more open to debate. Really depends on how much strength you gain, and whether or not that plus all the other stat gains out-weighs the 10% Judge/Seal damage; for some of the AoE in ToT, I'd hazard towards a "no" as there are times where there are enough adds to make SoR useful.

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