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Hi all. I'm returning to the game after a hiatus from the times of BC. I've heard raiding guilds aren't quite the necessity they were back then since the addition of raid finder, and I've heard that some servers don't really have much in the way of big raiding guilds because of it.

I'm just wondering how much truth there is to this, and if anyone could point me towards a server(s) that have a solid raiding base, or where I could find that information by myself. (Hoping to avoid blindly browsing through realm forums.)
I've heard raiding guilds aren't quite the necessity they were back then since the addition of raid finder

I don't think this is true. The raid finder definitely does not mimic a normal or heroic raid. Sure you get some purples and if you're short on time you can just go in and kill stuff, but I don't think it's taken the place of raiding normally. If anything I think it may provide more people who want to try to raid normally as some of the mystery of the raids are taken away by being able to go in with a LFR group.

That all being said, you should have no trouble finding a guild in most any of the medium and up realms. And for your information here is a website that ranks the realms as to their progress in raiding. It's not the end all for information but it's a start anyway as to where to look.
The Raid Finder gives you a simplified version of the standard 10 and 25 main raids. The damage is lower and some of the mechanics are nerfed to the point where they can be ignored. The environment is like a 5 man PUG (sometimes smooth, sometimes horrible bickering and finger pointing). Most of the encounters require very little coordination and those that do are usually a source of some issues as groups of strangers try to organise themselves.

It's raiding Jim but not as you knew it.
Re-reading my post it sounds very negative, so I wanted to add that you can acquire gear through LFR (either directly through drops - lower ilevel than standard raid, or through Valor Points which you get for each LFR you complete). Also it's a way of prepping for the normal version of the raid (both through gear acquisition and also in that it gives you an idea about how the encounters play out). It's a reasonable substitute for those who cannot raid for various reasons but who still want to see the bosses killed.
There is no truth to that at all.

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