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So as title says I'm coming back as a trial to see what has changed in the past 6 months or so. Once MoP came out I leveled up to 90 and just got burnt out on the game as a whole so took a break and tried other games. When I played I was actively pvping and pveing so asking about both points of view.

Basically asking since MoP has anything really changed? What major changes for pvp and pve have been implemented? What classes are strongest in pve? What classes are strongest in pvp? Also looking to roll a new class and leave my priest behind; I have a 85 shaman as well. So which class would be another good fresh start to jump into the game with.. I want to dps/tank in raids and in pvp would like to do purely damage and have a strong impact and be strong on the battlefield.

Any help would be great, thanks a lot!
Patch 5.2 changes:

and hotfixes

Covers most everything.

But... do you mean "as a trial" as in a "free to play trial account" or "as a trial" as in one of the "play for free for 7 days" kind of things? If the former, you won't see much by way of the changes, as they are predominantly focused on level 85+.

Also check out the changes coming for PvP in 5.3, as well as the other changes for classes/specs and reps. If those interest you more, waiting a couple more weeks at most for the 7 day trial may be better. Also check out the forums for battlegrounds/arenas as they may give you a better idea for that stuff.
Also, 5.3 notes:

The game hasn't changed all that significantly in the past 6 months, and regular patches generally don't implement the kind of fundamental changes that happen with an expansion, just more alterations and adjustments. It's still gonna be MoP, so some differences may be less obvious.

As far as a class to play, all tanks can tank, and all DPS can be strong if you like the class well enough to master it. If you post your answers to the "Can't Find the Right Class" sticky, folks can get a better idea of which classes may suit you, and it'll be easier to offer specific suggestions based on your preferences.
05/16/2013 07:13 AMPosted by Sinslady
waiting a couple more weeks at most for the 7 day trial

How is one eligible for this?

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