Low Level Paladin PvP

Is it just me or does it suck... a lot?

I am sorely disappointed to be seeing ~400 damage TVs as Ret and even less damage with Shield of the Righteous.

At my current level, everyone has at least 3k health so... it takes an eternity to kill someone.
Low level pvp sucks in general.
I know low level pvp isn't overly balanced, however, 400 damage with a TV with full BoAs? That seems under balanced to me...
Low level pvp sucks in general.

Tank specs tend to do more dmg until somewhere between 50 and 80, depending on class. It's weird....
Get to 60 in any spec=instant god mode.

Harsh words+Avengers Shield, dead

Harsh Words+Exorcism, dead

Harsh Words+Holy Shock and Denounce spam, dead

Not to mention you can insta cast yourself to full health.
From what I've experienced, I should disregard Templar's Verdict and Shield of the Righteous altogether.

I hit people (at level 64) for less than 700 damage. Harsh Words still doesn't compare to the obscene amount of damage I take from shield slam as Prot. Oh well...
The best shot you have in this bracket is to go Prot and use harsh words for damage spikes. I also regularly topped the damage charts by picking up the glyph that lets you target consecration even though my toon was horribly undergeared compared to everyone in heirlooms.

It is really hard to beat a half-decent protection warrior in a 1vs1. In most cases I don't bother trying. If you're smart with your cooldowns, then you should be able to survive brief encounters with them. You'll still rule the BGs if you 2v1 them and make use of your utility as a paladin. Prot paladins can actually heal pretty dang well at this range. You can bring squishies up to full health usually with just 1-2 charges of holy power... never wait for 3.

Honestly though, none of it makes any difference if you get on a terrible team. You could be any class in any gear and still get rolled. The moment you start hating your Paladin, just ask yourself if playing a different class would have REALLY made any difference. The answer is almost always "no." Stop PvPing and grind your way to 90 when PvP gets too frustrating.

EDIT: Also, to confirm your suspicions, using any ability that consumes holy power for damage besides harsh words is a huge waste of DPS. This extends to ret as well unfortunately. Just take Templar's Verdict off your skill bar.

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