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This is getting maddening. I am a tailor. quickest way to make money is making bags. Most profitable bag to make on my server I have found is embersilk bags. So, farming embersilk is a huge issue for me. Why? Because every time I log in, at any given point whether it be 12am-2am(around 2pm-4pm server) or twelve ours later on my off day there are always people swooping in on my farm spots. PARTICULARLY Destro warlocks. You know what the best part is? they are seldomly from jubei'thos. Always frostmourne, or any other oceanic realm of your choice. Blizzard, I like the idea of cross realm questing. it was a great concept. However, why does this have to always be in effect? Why can't you just make it cross realm compatible for those who party their battletag friends or real id pals so that they can see one another rather than plaguing anyone who tries to farm? I have killed many ally trying to claim my farm spots, and died a few times myself to them claiming it from me. That part I am completely fine with. PvP server and all, that comes with the territory (for the record, again 90% of those kills were people from frostmourne.)

Sorry for ranting about this, but this is slowly but surely irritating me to no end. Seriously, just because you are a destro lock with the 500% larger aoe buff doesn't give you the right to be a selfish person to start laying rain of fire EVERYWHERE and taking mobs before I can even see you falling mid flight. Shadow priests on the horde side have also taken mobs from me. as I gather they Mind sear on me. I try arcane explosion to tag the mobs but the first tick of mind sear hits before my spell begins.

In short, I am saying this cross realm concept was horribly executed. I know they did the best they could so people could quest with their friends from other realms and maybe even make world pvp more entertaining for the avid pvp nerds out there. Unfortunately it nukes the chances of anyone who is honest about trying to earn gold and works a full time job and cannot religiously check for the availability of farm spots. Is there anything that can help the casual players farm?

and for the record I usually check for alternative farming spots. there's usually questers or other people farming the troggs in deepholm (yes I will watch them for about 2 or 3 minutes figuring out what they are up to.) I refuse to kill and questing ally out of respect since I hate it when people do that to me constantly while I quest and do not want to put anyone else through that minute irritation.
They see me rainin', they hatin'

-.- and it's individuals such as that who have made me cold and bitter.
I can understand your frustration but this is a win/lose kind of battle with Blizz.
If they made it so people couldn't cross realm then they would lose subscribers to the fact they couldn't quest ect with friends from other servers, if they keep it how it is, the people like you who farm mats ect will end up leaving because there are people camping spots all in all, this is probably something you are going to be stuck with, I cannot fathom a way blizz would be able to put a "tracker" so to speak on players cross realmed and I think they would end up losing more subs from people not being able to quest ect with there friends anymore cross realm. It sucks but eh you will get over it, I personally moved from Jubi to Frostmourne as when ever I was farming ect there was constantly horde at those spots and the alliance side on the server is completely dead, suppose its part of life hahah!
What's hilarious is you got 'cold and bitter' over a forum comment when you have nothing to actually suspect that I partake in any such behaviour. Which, for the record, I don't.

I think maybe you should quit. Clearly your 'bitterness' is clouding your emotions.

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