Hello Thrall.

Hi everyone. I just moved here from a dying server in hopes of finding a guild to raid with (I couldn't on my old one). Except for a few breaks I have been playing since 1.5. and so understand the game pretty well, I think :)

I am geared and experienced for raiding but real life commitments makes dedicating time an issue. I could only raid a couple of nights a week reliably. As such I am looking at being a backup or part-time tank for a mature, fun guild.

Before you invite me you must talk to me, I will auto decline ninja invites and macro whispers. Also, before you talk to me to see if I would be a good fit for your guild be warned: I will talk your ear off! :)

Look forward to seeing you all in Azeroth.

Goblin Tank Extraordinaire.

I lead a 10 man raid group that runs Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8:30 to 11:30 server time. We are currently 1/13 HM in ToT and looking to continue progression. We have 10 solid people in our group but struggle when we are missing a person due to RL issues, so we're looking for someone who is willing to come in when needed but know they are not promised a spot for every single kill. We are willing to swap people in and out to get players experience with bosses/kills and get gear, so we'd be able to get you "caught up" with normal mode tier. If you don't feel comfortable with a DPS offspec, we have the ability to have one of our tanks go DPS while you tank if we need to swap you in.

Our guild has been around since launch and many of us have played and raided together since vanilla, although we also have new and fresh faces. We were originally on Sargeras but transferred to Thrall with the release of MoP as Horde side of Sargeras had become barren. We're a casual guild overall, with a relaxed attitude that is more about the community we have rather than cutthroat raiding and progression (although we aim to really kick some !@# during the short raid time we have). We also have a second 10 man raid group that is 12/12 normal mode ToT and runs on the weekends, but they are full at the moment.

I will be online tonight if you want to talk about this more. Contact me via battletag: Decado#1287 We can also chat via mumble if that is easier.
Thanks Bickdag I will send you a tell tonight.

Invîctus has two raid teams. Raid Team I runs T/W/M from 6:30 - 8:30 server. Raid Team II runs T/W/Th from 9 pm - midnight. Our 2nd team has just filled and Team I is still searching for its final position, but we could always use benchers that are willing to fill in when needed. If you are interested learning more about Invîctus fill free to message me!
Are the Invictus from Draka? Thank for the offer but I'm going to give Obsidian spur a try. If its ok I will add ya to friends. Who knows I might be available if your really stuck....


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