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Indecisiveness is rearing its ugly head again. Love my Paladin, also love my Warlock. But lately I've wondered if I should go Paladin/Hunter as my main and alt as I learn the game. (It seems like leveling 3 at a time will be distracting)

Initially skipped Hunter because I figured it was overplayed. I'm assuming Warlock and Hunter can add similar enough DPS, so how do they compare with?

1. Survivability/self-heals? Or if I'm getting hit am I playing it wrong? (PvE only, split questing and dungeons)
2. Mobility: only self buff I see is aspect of cheetah, but do I even use it?
3. Both are pet classes, but it seems Hunters, esp. BM rely on them more. I like the idea of collecting pets as Hunter, but then again do you find it exciting to let your pet do a large percentage of damage?
4. Lastly, does anyone find Hunters and Warlocks different enough to play both?
1) If you're getting hit with either of them, you're doing it wrong. Warlocks have some decent self healing, hunters have more ways of avoiding taking that damage.

2) Hunters are more mobile as they can attack while moving. Warlocks are unique among casters in that they can also cast while moving at 90, but they're quite slow

3) Honestly, both are about equal pet wise. Warlock pets have a smaller tendency to utility, in my opinion

4) I would honestly not play both, they are very similar.
I have a hunter and lock at 90. I think they play differently enough that I don't get bored. I like the explosions and dots on the lock and I like the mobility and utility of the hunter (so many cooldowns, so many utility buttons!). To me locks play more like mages but perhaps that's because my mage is frost so also has a pet. I think lock pets do bring a certain amount of utility to the class so I also like to be able to bring out the most appropriate pet for the job. The same is true for hunters but mostly you are bringing out different pets for the buff they give to a party rather than anything else.
Thanks guys. Confirmed my thoughts that one of them will be a good compliment to my Paladin. I suppose getting both to 30 won't be tough.
Ranged classes get hit sometimes, it's impossible to avoid 100% of the time. As long as taking hits isn't part of "normal" combat for you, and you work with your survival tools when the occasional attack happens, you're fine.

Both have a few ways to survive encounters, but warlocks have more self-heals available than hunters.

And I also have some of each, and find them different enough to enjoy on their own merit. Be like playing a Prot paladin and a Prot warrior, which are similar but still different.
Sorry to get stuck on this, I'm trying to pick a 2nd character to level while my Prot Paladin is resting, and I'd rather decide without taking both past level 30. Is it safe to say that at 80+ they both play similarly, but with different style? In solo and dungeons PvE?

In my head, I see them both applying DoTs, debuff, then fire off some steady DPS and nukes when cool downs are available. Solo, they send in a tank pet while grouping they use a damage/utility pet. Is that accurate?
warlock is UP on many levels except 90. It does alright in PvE because of the tank pet+your minor healing abilities, but generally unbalanced. (inb4 you have blizzard fanbois coming up saying game is balanced only at max level, aren't you paying for everything to be fixed , not just max level? $15 is a huge sum of cash if the devs keep giving that ol same excuse, soon(TM)

hunter is OP, always and everythere. Hunter is very idiot friendly(no pun intended),there are no more deadzones, no need to feed pets, no mana bar, automatic foolproof autocast hunters mark when you cast arcane shot, and braindead removal of melee weapons meaning 12 year olds can skey and keyturn their way to victory. I have 12x different level hunters and my first multibox consisted of 4 hunters and they did great farming GY in bgs like WSG with hundreds of killing blows each game and no deaths .Pve should be a breeze I wont even metion how simplified PvE is now since blizzard caters to the general playerbase after all.

I am in no way saying you will lower your IQ simply by rolling a hunter. Actually, id suggest rolling one, to get that different playstyle feel. Warlock would get frustrating especially if you get stuck near elite mobs or something.

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