Warriors underpowered?

Or is it just me. I hit 90 and felt very underwhelming in PvP and PvE but attributed that to lack of gear. When I got full mal though I still feel very underwhelming. I can't even take down a discipline priest or resto druid if they are sitting there healing themselves, even if I pop Avatar and all my cooldowns. And on top of that I am stunned, feared, rooted, etc. for half of a BG or 3/4 of an arena match.
Warriors are not in our strongest state PVE atm (had to pick either pvp or pve since I got married and picked PVE)
Good luck killing Healers right now. Resto Druids in particular are impossible for us, since they can literally kite us indefinately while dancing and singing "Can't Touch This!" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otCpCn0l4Wo).
But yeah, Warriors have been repeatedly recieving nerfs in just about every area ever since 5.0 hit, and we're once again back to being the class that everyone focus kills, not because we're the most dangerous enemy on the map/arena, but because we're one of the easiest to kill/shutdown.
Warrior's were a bit OP in 5.0 with the 5 stack TfB HS 1 shots, but we were pretty balanced and competetive in 5.1, although Shockwave could've used a slight nerf to 25-30 sec CD. In 5.2, we're pretty much sledge hammer nerfed back into the dirt again.
Yes. Warriors with mal gear are easiest to kill. Warriors cannot kill a player with mal+ gear.

Theres always an exception.
gawd .. pvp is so broken and such a waste of time in this game... when will people learn???
Are there any good factions to grind to get some better gear? Any recommendations?
Mana is 100% irrelevant in PVP for healers. They NEVER run out. That's a 100% fact. The only way to kill a healer is to interrupt and burst.

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