Not missing on Fury spec

Note, I've only been playing WoW for like 4 months. I switched to fury spec from arms a few days ago, and started missing. Friends said that my second attack would always miss or something like that, but i can avoid that if i get my hit % to 15%. Is it true if i get 15% hit rather 7.5%, I would not miss anymore.
hmmmm its been a while since i played fury. From what i remember and i may be wrong, your white damage hit does not matter. As long as your special attacks have a 0 percent chance to miss i think you're good. Atleast from a pvp perspective...
Alright, here's how hit works.

First, you have special attacks. To cap hit for special attacks so they never miss, you need 7.5% hit, or 2550 rating (1% hit = 340 rating at lvl 90). Once you hit that point, your special attacks will never miss. This includes Bloodthirst, Raging Blow, Wild Strike, Colossus Smash, etc.

Next there are auto attacks. Normally, capping hit for specials would also cap auto attacks, but since Fury is a dual-wielding spec, you have a 19% miss chance added onto this. This means you need 26.5% hit (9010 rating) to cap auto attacks. Both main hand and off hand auto attacks have the same miss chance.

It's not advisable, however, to cap hard cap hit since hit past 7.5% isn't very good for DPS. It's not terrible, but once you hit that point, you should just focus on crit (to a certain point, but don't worry about that right now).

The 15% number they're likely giving you is from needing 7.5% expertise (also 2550 rating) to soft cap expertise so you see no dodges (from behind bosses; you'll still see parries if you're attacking from the front for some reason on some fights). If you have 7.5% hit and 7.5% expertise, you won't see any misses or dodges (with specials) from behind. You'll still see auto-attack misses however, but again, that's fine.
The difference is that you're dual wielding instead of using a single 2 hander. Special attacks always have the same hit chance regardless of what weapons you use. Having 7.5% hit will prevent your special attacks from missing regardless of spec. Auto attacks, however, work a little differently.
When using a single weapon, your auto attacks have the same hit chance as your specials, so 7.5% hit will prevent them from missing. When dual wielding, your chance to miss with auto attacks is increased by 19%, so even with 7.5% hit, you still have a 19% chance to miss with auto attacks. This isn't something you should worry about too much though. While you do gain from additional hit up to ~26%, it's far more beneficial to spend your secondary stats on crit/mastery/haste.
The 15% thing was probably your friends thinking of expertise. 7.5% expertise prevents enemies from dodging you, but getting 15% prevents them from parrying you. This is only a thing for tanks though, because you should be attacking from behind anyways, and mobs can't parry attacks from behind.

Edit: Sam beat me to the punch :(
okay thanks guys :D

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