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since I can not find a since person to make black dragon mail in cenaius, I decided to find the recipes myself. Trouble is, I cant find the venders Lokhtos Darkbargainer and Plugger Spazzring.

I dont understand, I watched a video and followed it step by step, and at the end where I am supposed to find them in a room I end up at a door which demands a grim guzzler key. Do I need this frggen key to find them or am I just in completely the wrong place?
Go to the bartender and buy Dark Iron Ale Mug and then talk to Private Rocknot, who is right in front of the bar. He'll have a quest for you to give him one of the ales. Repeat this three or four times ( can't remember exactly ), and he'll get up and smash some kegs, breaking down the door.
what bartender? the area is completely abandoned. Is there a quest I need to be on to spawn these NPCs?
I misinterpreted your question I think. Are you not even able to enter the bar area?
Now I'm thinking you're on the other side of the door I mentioned in my previous post.
If this is the case there is no way to open it from the other side (to my knowledge...)

Edit 2:
I have a better idea, ask your guild if anyone has a Direbrew's Remote, it'll take you right to the bar!
I am at this bar area and there is no one here. There are supposed to be drunk patrons running around as well I see from the videos. Yet there are none, and I havnt killed any of them. There just isnt anything in this area where there is supposed to be.
Though I may be on the wrong side of the door. At this point I have no idea
05/08/2013 09:41 AMPosted by Vesiro
I am at this bar area and there is no one here.

How peculiar. My best advice would be to hearth out, reset instance, then find somebody with a Direbrew's Remote (ask guild / trade chat) to take you back in.
well f my a. the whole instance was bugged. I ended up not being able to interact with anything, mobs, everything in my backpack, spells, nothing. Relogged and hearthed out. Come back and theres everything -_- found the venders! thanks so much. I would have died down there Q_Q

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