I know I suck but...

Hello and please help

Changed to boomkin for the guild so just learning but there is no way I am missing 30-40% of my shooting star procs. The logs don't lie but I have weakauras set up to notify me every time i get a proc but according to the logs something is not right.

Missing a lot of procs is the nature of the beast currently. Depending on your amount of crit you will end up missing a lot. Its known as the "one in flight rule". Meaning that while one SS is moving towards the target and you get a a proc it won't reset the CD until SS hits the target. Which will lead to many missed procs.

Another reason may be that you're just in the middle in a cast, for example starfire. I know that sometimes I'll get two to three procs while in the middle of a cast and it makes me die a little on the inside.

I'd suggest standing close to the boss if you can to try and minimize loss. Depending on how close you are you can literally chain-gun the procs and not waste any but some fights just won't let us do that.

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