520 Spriest LF H25man Raiding Guild

As of last night my current guild is disbanding and I would like to find another similar guild to begin running with. I would prefer a more adult guild that runs 7pm-11pm server time. Any days would be fine. I don't wish to be in a guild that will sit people just for prefect raid comps to increase ranking. I show up to raids every scheduled night and then some and I expect to be running those nights and not sitting. Which isn't to say I won't sit for any reason, in fact, I'll be the first to volunteer to sit if it is going benefit others or the guild.

I know my class well and I would say my strongest point is survivability and understanding and dealing with mechanics.
I raided mostly in Vanilla and BC and stopped during WOTLK and CATA. Came back for MOP and have enjoyed it just as I did BC and hope to finish out the expansion and perhaps stay on for the next.
I have a 511 Holy Off spec that I never really got the chance to use in HILYMI but perhaps I can get that chance in my next guild. I'm open to either but much more experienced with Shadow.
If you think I'd be a good fit reply here or catch me in game at Drwho#1203 to talk. I can provide some logs and whatever else is needed.

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