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I've been playing SWTOR for the last year or so and the lack of non-cash shop updates is really starting to get on my nerves, so I'm taking a month off (maybe more) and trying out WoW for the 3rd time (I never reached endgame the previous 2 times so I don't even know if that counts). Blizzard upgraded my level 34 rogue to level 80, but I don't know if that's the class I want to play.

In SWTOR, my main is a Focus spec Guardian (read: melee AOE burst DPS with lots of mobility abilities) and I would like to try something like that in WoW. An RL friend of mine recommended a Retribution Paladin for a similar playstyle (and the notion of being able to dual-spec for healing DOES appeal to me), but another friend thinks Warrior would be the class of choice for me due to the extra mobility abilities (leap, charge, ect.). Of these 2 friends, one quit a couple of year ago and the other just started again and hasn't tried endgame PvP yet, so neither of these guys really know what your metagame looks like.

My question boils down to this: how do the two compare in PvP? I don't know how class balance is in this game and I don't want to level a new character just to find out they are gimped at 90.
While leveling: who's on top changes every few levels. The various classes/specs get their abilities and passive bonuses in a staggered fashion throughout the leveling process. So who's on top generally coincides with whomever most recently received a game changing ability or passive bonus.

At level cap: Everyone has all the abilities and passives they're ever going to get this expansion, so this is where Blizzard focuses the majority of it's class balancing efforts, and they do a pretty good job. At level cap the major differences in output are generally attributed to player skill, gear, gems, enchants, scrolls, potions, etc. and not merely what class you chose.

In addition to this, PvP at level cap is also like a giant tangled game of "rock, paper, scissors". Every class has someone they have an easier time against and someone they have a harder time against when gear and skill with their character are of equal quality. Everyone has an exploitable weakness, and everyone is designed to exploit that weakness in someone. So PvP is not balanced in 1v1 combat, especially if the two classes up against each other are designed in such a way that one is the dominator of the other. That doesn't mean that the class being dominated is inherently weaker, just means they have to work a bit harder to beat that one specific type of opponent, meanwhile they do just fine and/or dominate against others.

The whining you see in the class forums is mostly over trivial amounts of difference discovered in a computer simulation under perfect circumstances. Anything more than that and it's generally the person complaining because they lost in a 1v1 match, or don't know how to play and/or gear their character appropriately.
Caveat: I don't have a 90 warrior and I rarely PVP. With that out of the way, ret paladin may be what you are looking for. At end game they have a high number of cooldowns (abilities that you can trigger once every 2-5 mins) that enable them to do very high burst damage. They also have at least one way of slowing people they are fighting as well as an interrupt for spellcasters (have to be in melee range) and 2 cc's (1 short term, 1 longer term) as well as some impressive self heals and a shield that will remove most damage over time effects on them. That being said, they are susceptable to being kited* and once they've blown their cooldowns their damage is average to mediocre.

* Running around trying to catch the person you are fighting and getting them into melee range so the majority of your abilities can be used
I played SWTOR for a good few months, and my boyfriend fell in love with his Jedi Guardian. Warrior and paladin are both very good suggestions for a class similar to the Guardian. In my opinion, try and put weight to the appeal of healing. How much is the ability to heal really a factor for you? If it's something very alluring, then paladin is the way to go. Their self heals as ret are impressive and their healing capabilities as a dedicated healing spec are good as well. If this isn't the case, then warrior is the way you should go. :)
I played SWTOR for around 6 months and leveled a Sith Warrior. The WoW warrior will be the closest to the same play style. High mobility, great burst and self healing for low downtime.

As far as PvP goes the warrior is overall the better dps option although a pally is brutal when he/she blows cool downs. Pally's are excellent PvP healers if that's something you'd enjoy doing.
I see already you have tried a rogue, but if mobility is a priority among good melee aoe dps, I would certainly recommend an enhance shaman or for the best mobility around, a feral druid over a pally or warrior.
Let me just start by saying how much I appreciate you guys responding here with this info. That said, I still don't know which of these classes I want to play (and Syzygos' notion of playing Shaman instead sounds pretty cool too). I'll probably end up leveling a warrior first because his stuns sound great on paper, but we'll see if that holds my interest long enough not to make one of the other classes.

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