enhance with meta gem

anyone know or have tested Capacitive Primal Diamond on our mastery and does it scale?
Is this for PvP or PvE ?

Well considering the meta gem has an ilvl requirement that pvp gear dosnt meet.....
PvE currently enhance anything passed 505-510 ilvl and up spec for haste and its good to go but now with the meta doing decent damage just wondering if its affected by mastery?
it is
Go look at my logs if you want to see how mastery affects it.
so with the meta gem does that make Eote and UF Back above or close to AS/PE??
05/17/2013 03:17 PMPosted by Deputyderp
so with the meta gem does that make Eote and UF Back above or close to AS/PE??

The meta isn't affected by echo or UF, so no.
what i meant was since Eote and UF are increased by a Mastery build with the meta being increased by it does it balance the damage compared to a Haste build?
its RPPM, so haste affects it too, not just mastery
I C i just see some enhance shamans like Dimira and are going back to a mastery build and are still doing really decent damage. so it almost looks like its preference.
and a quick ? when at what ilvl or just a build does haste become higher than Agi i see your gemming straight haste so 320haste>160agi? or does it always?
I would say start gemming pure haste when you can reach around 18000-19000 agi unbuffed and without 160 agi gems, along with 2 RPPM trinkets and the Meta... But that is just me.

Also, I knew something was throwing me off in this thread. Chillbros and Purge in the same guild together, big numbers inc.

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