No time to heal achievement

Pet Battles
I got this about a month ago using a level 25 team.

It is possible to do without gaming the system. I used a very tanky sandstorm/heal team. I was winning a lot with my team but I still had to be patient and get lucky with the right opponents. I got up to 3 on the counter 3 times before I finally got the streak I needed. A very proud moment.

I think this is the best kind of super hard achievement. It requires a pretty deep knowledge of the game combined with some strategy and a bit of luck. And it doesn't have a crazy once-a-year holiday limitation and isn't part of some giant meta acheive that makes it mandatory. (throws shade at "School of Hard Knocks")

The only reason to do it, is to be able to say you did it.
Just got this earlier last night.

Play the lower levels, around 5-8, it's a lot of newer players who are still learning pet battles. Lots of people with grey/white/green quality pets, and once you thoroughly beat them the first time with your all blue team you're in for easy XP at least a few more games.

I did get lucky though. I played at a weird hour, so I kept getting queue'd with the same poor guy. He got sick of being beaten after just the first game, so the next 4 matchups with him he just ran away and I got credit.

Thank you mystery wielder of grey crab team.
Another tip if people are having trouble:

I was able to get this finally with my level 20 team of Anubisath Idol/Magical Crawdad/Anubisath Idol. Yes I know that's an annoying "stall team" but it got the job done! When your anub is at half health switch to the crawdad, cast renewing mists + wish and switch back.

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