*Solace*25m*10/13HM*LF *LOCK*melee dps*

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This thread needs love too
Early bedtime tonight!
i hear this is the best guild in wow. i forget my sources but i could swear i heard that somewhere...
Sources confirm, this guild is great!
What a fun filled day of doing nothing but league...
Looks like I'm the only one here now...
So i can talk to myself!
So my laptop died last night, just my luck....
Raid Time!
Woo Tortos Kill!!!
Bump, lookin for ranged
Mint can we update this to say looking for H pally, Mistweaver, and lock?
still looking
I along with a Hpally friend may be interested in talking. Ran across a few of you guys in LFR today and decided to investigate. /wave Poptya

looking for more!
Also added you knobb! Feel free to talk to anyone in the guild though we are all available to talk and answer any questions.
warlocks needed!
Updated Needs!

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