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Hey folks,

<Parasite> is looking to move to a new server. We're originally from Thunderhorn and have been there for years, but as of late we have had little success trying to recruit, fill the raid spots we need, and provide synergy for the raid. It's been a tough time ever since ToT opened.

We've been around since WOTLK, where we accomplished a lot, and into the first tier of Cataclysm, where we took a hiatus. We came back a few months ago and made good progress/catch-up on the 5.1 content and into 5.2. We've been stuck at 4/12 for months due to attendance issues. We've now hit a hitch; The server is dying, and there are no resources left to tap.

We're looking for a new server, with a higher population and some decent recruitment opportunities. We're looking to transfer to Horde.

I was looking for some feedback on how raiding, PVP, recruitment and community is here.

- Evyl
<Parasite> guild master
We moved our guild here in January 2012, and it was the best decision we've made for the health of our game play. PVP is mostly casual, I don't believe there's too much high end work in that department. Raiding is fairly strong with a number of guilds attempting heroic modes. Pugs (like most servers) can of course be hit or miss, but usually the people are nice enough. Trolls exist, like on all servers. Recruitment has its lulls, but right now seems to be fairly strong. The player pool here is solid (compared to where we came from, the player pool here was a godsend of strong players with decent awareness).

Overall, I do recommend the move here. At the very least, as I told my raiders when switching: If the guild isn't able to stay together, there will be opportunities for individuals to find homes elsewhere on the server.
Bring it on!!!
That's what I love to hear Solara - Been so hard to find positive feedback on Thunderhorn.

Thunderhorn is in a non-stop lull when it comes to recruitment, we could go weeks without a response and we have our fingers in nearly every pie (bar recruiting from other realms, who'd wanna come to our stinkhole!?)

We'll be coming with a full compliment 10m to begin with anyhow, so we'd have a solid start, but a lot of our members are finding the game boring during down-time due to lack of activity/people to play with/general community.

A lot of us have rolled some lowbie alts around Thrall and found it a fun place to be, just to see activity again - Our trade chat would have maybe 1 message every 30 minutes during peak time haha

Thanks for the feedback!

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lol I feel ya, Evyl. Been there, done that. I hope to see you guys over here soon and wish you tons of luck! Don't be a stranger when you get here :D
Heya Evyl,

I recently moved here myself as the same thing happened on my old server Garrosh 5months ago.

We're looking for more to fill in our 2nd 10m group with a possibility of going to 25m.

We are raiding Sun/Mon 9pm-12pm. We are a friendly adult guild that is drama free, likes to have fun and has the right balance of fun times and seriousness when it comes to raiding.

Add Ludo#1112 if you are interested
The core of our guild realm transferred to Thrall about five weeks ago, after a period of our guild master looking at a few realm options. Similar situation to you on our old realm - low pop, lack of activity. I can vouch that our decision to realm transfer was an excellent one, with many of our core feeling much more engaged on Thrall thanks to the variety of activity available as well as actual progress in recruiting. I can't speak to pvp activity, though you'll see lfm for arenas and rbgs periodically in trade. Recruitment-wise there appear to be people looking for guilds that match their interests/schedule, so if your guild offers an alternative that stands out I think you'll find success. Best of luck in making the move, I recognize it is a difficult and a little bit scary decision - but I think you'll be happy once you make the decision. Despite trolls, bots, and just plain idiots - in the end the game is a lot more fun to play when there is enough commnity around to create activity.
Hi All!

Thanks for all the replies so far.

Our server, currently, is filled with a whole bunch o'nothing - so it's definitely great to see some response to this thread!

However, TELL ME MORE =D
Aye, Thank you all for the replies. It is refreshing to see active people in the server forums that are helpfull! Hope to see you all soon!
Hi All!

Thanks for all the replies so far.

Our server, currently, is filled with a whole bunch o'nothing - so it's definitely great to see some response to this thread!

However, TELL ME MORE =D

D: Like what?

Well, personal experience: we had a bunch of people who were at our friends and family rank move over with us, as well as friends who were in other guilds on our old server. A lot of them were on the verge of quitting wow, and the transfer reinvigorated them.

The economy is alright. I'm used to making money on the gem market, and it's doable here for sure, but sometimes the prices have bizarre fluctuations or people undercut by obscene amounts which puzzles me. There's usually plenty of BoE's from the latest raids up there. Raw mats are usually reasonably priced, especially herbs.

Also, everything that Ragingsquall said +1.

Anything specific you guys wanted to hear? Also feel free to catch up with me in game, Solara#1530 :)
Hi Solara,

The main selling point we want to hear (and what you've guys definitely spoke out about) is recruitment levels. It's great to know some people have transferred here and not been drowned out!

I'll be making a toon over on Thrall this upcoming weekend, giving Thrall a little test drive again. I'll be called Shushy - if you wanna hit me up if i'm logged on or want to add Hushpuppy#1367

haha well keep in mind that it CAN be hit or miss with recruitment...there are always lulls. We recently were fortunate enough to bump up to a roster of 12, but we also spent a month or two not seeing any apps come in.

Also when you get your lowbie over here let me know, I'll toss you a tag so you don't get spam invites and get a bit of a leveling perk!
I've added your tag and Shushy has been created!
Hey guys!

We're coming over to Thrall on the 26th of this month, and guess what?!

We need a healer for our main raid! Any old healer will do! We're 6/12 and we'd love to have you join us!

Message me in game or add me: Evyl#1249

See you soon playas!
Hey there! I was told to leave a reply on your string here. I understand I am not the greatest of gear yet but ill be more then ready for the 26th.(Solara's friend btw) Anyways ill send ya a battletag inv and I hope to hear from you soon =).
please for the love of god no more transfer guilds.
You appear to be awful, so your comment is duly noted and dismissed! =D
My guild have only been here since friday/saturday Ev, and we're really loving it already! Definitely a good choice <3
Zift, Thrall Alliance is not a good solution for you. Thrall is a Horde dominated server. After four years of Alliance, I made the decision to switch to horde. It was the best decision I ever made. I wish you luck finding a new home where your guild can continue to grow and prosper, but I don't think Thrall Alliance is that home for you.

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